Summer is here (in spirit, if not in temperature) so what better time for a post featuring some delicious gin cocktails? And who better to share her favourite gin cocktails with us than the lovely Gabby Garcia, Co-founder of The Gin Emporium UK? The Gin Emporium is a fabulous travelling gin parlour which can be hired for parties, weddings and all sorts of events. Check it out here . Now, over to Gabby…


ShortsWe’ve all enjoyed a summer fling with something, whether it be the dark handsome chap on the Spanish islands, cut off jean shorts or fanny packs and we all know the heartbreak when it ends, but here’s a summer fling that will take you to new heights and maybe even a little way into autumn.

We’ve put together some of the best Gin Cocktails for you to enjoy this summer including a sneaky and very cheeky cocktail to see you through to the dark nights.

  1. The Chilgrove Gin Bright & Breezy!

Handcrafted using traditional methods and distilled with Natural Mineral water from the chalk downs, Chilgrove Gin is one of the finest we’ve tasted! A gin for all seasons, we love the Bright n Breezy cocktail and it certainly goes down a storm at our events. This gorgeous number includes dashes of angostura bitters and ginger beer, giving you a refreshing kick this summer.


2 measures of Chilgrove Dry Gin

2 Squeezed lime wedges

4 dashes of Angostura bitters

Ginger Beer (we choose Fevertree – naturally made and delicious)


Add the ingredients to a Collins glass with ice and stir. This cocktail has a lovely pink tint and an exciting flavour!


  1. The Goodmans Gin Caprice Cocktail

Goodmans Gin is from the Netherlands and one of our favourites. The story behind the gin is almost like a Hollywood movie, a bar every day at 5’oclock at the side of the pool, people chatting and suddenly a lightbulb – I’ll make my own gin. The gin is created and it’s named after the bar and prescribed to be sipped at 5’oclock. The Gin itself is courageous, it’s smooth, clean and full of spirit. It’s fantastic over ice with a slice of ginger to bring out the kick on your tongue but for today we are sharing a wonderful cocktail, The Caprice.


4.5 CL of Goodmans Gin

1.5 CL of Benedictine

1.5 CL of Dry Vermouth

Dash of Orange Bitters (we say 2)


Stir with ice and strain into coupe glass


  1. Daffy’s Negroni


Of course it wouldn’t be a true gin cocktail list without a Negroni, but here is one of our favourites and a wonderful Scottish gin to match! Daffy’s Gin is like nothing we have tasted before, you are enticed by the eyes of the blonde on the front of the bottle, followed by an almost toffee smell and then hit with spicy citrus flavour on the tongue. You feel the Lebanese mint linger and it’s fascinating! It works brilliantly in mixology and one of our favourites is the Negroni.


The Negroni was created in Florence in the 1920s and has become a summer staple forever!



1 part Daffy’s Gin

1 part Campari

1 part red vermouth

Orange Peel

Combine all the ingredients with plenty of ice and serve on the rocks in a tumbler glass.


  1. The Pinkster Gin Jungle Remedy


Pinkster Gin is a quirky number on the market, it’s different to the others and is made by hand-steeping raspberries which are grown locally in Cambridgeshire. The Gin matches its name and is wonderfully pink, served with tonic, ice, raspberries and mint this gin changes with each new addition! It’s a perfect gin for those that don’t like heavy juniper gins, it’s also brilliant for experimental mixology! The Jungle Remedy a Pinkster Gin own recipe is brilliant and we love it!



50ml Pinkster

25ml lemongrass syrup

25ml fresh lime juice

5 fresh basil leaves

Shake and double strain into an ice-filled rocks glass, garnish with a sprig of basil.


  1. Burleighs St Clements


Burleighs Gin has an incredible flavour and a sense of purpose, from the standing proud bottle to the notes of Dandelion and Burdock, this is by far one of our favourite gins that we have tasted! The adventure behind Burleighs is another brilliant story, created by world renowned Master Distiller Jamie Baxter (who also created William Chase and City of London) and full of gorgeous Leicestershire botanicals this gin is perfect on its own over ice.


We are quite partial to the St Clements cocktail made with this premium pour. Bright orange and packed with flavour this cocktail perfect for a hot summer’s day sitting outside.



50 ml Burleighs London Dry Gin

35ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Bitter Lemon Top


Serve in a highball glass with ice and an orange wheel. Kick back and enjoy this refreshing number.


That’s the end of our Gin Fling summer line up but we did promise that this fling wouldn’t end until the autumn, so with a drum roll we are pleased to present one of our favourite autumnal cocktails….


Burleighs Autumn Leaves


Deep and dark perfect for sitting in front of the fire on an autumn day listening to the rain beat against the windows. This cocktail is garnished with blackberries and served on the rocks.



30ml Burleighs London Dry Gin

15ml Triple Sec

15ml Noilly Prat

15ml Campari


You should get a deep auburn colour and serve on the rocks in a tumbler glass.






Guest Blogger: Gabby Garcia, Co-founder of The Gin Emporium UK

Gabby lives in Leicestershire and is the Co-founder of The Gin Emporium UK, a travelling Gin Parlour

Gabby is a food and gin enthusiast and regularly combines the two!