I was intrigued to find out that Gleann Mor Whisky Company had launched their own oaked gin in May this year. Oaked gin had been on my radar since I watched a clip about aging your own gin in a barrel on one of those weekend morning programmes. The DIY version seemed a bit of a faff to me, so I was super excited when a wee sample of Firkin Gin arrived in the post for me. Firkin Gin is aged in American oak casks giving it a lovely golden colour. And how gorgeous is the bottle?

Firkin Gin

When I tried the gin neat with ice, I found the oak a bit over-powering. It tasted somewhere between whisky and gin to me. Keeping the Scottish theme going, I chose to add Walter Gregor tonic water from Aberdeenshire. As soon as I added the tonic, the drink was transformed. The sweetness really started to come through.


The suggested serve is a wedge of orange or a vanilla pod. I happened to have a vanilla pod in my baking cupboard so I split it lengthways and added it to the G&T. The vanilla really brought out the caramel and toffee notes in the gin and the result was a sweet, but not sickly, flavour.

As I was feeling generous, I let Mr GvF have a sip too. The G&T, or perhaps it should be F&T, got a big thumbs up from the whisky-lover. Firkin Gin has been totally different from anything I’ve tried this year. Different in a good way!

Firkin Gin is released in limited batches of 100 bottles and costs £45 for a 70cl bottle and is available here..