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The London Gin Club, Soho

A visit to London for my 30th birthday was always going to involve gin! After a bit of online research, I stumbled across the London Gin Club. The bar stocks 130 varieties of gin and is in a great location in Soho.

The website recommended booking a table and I’m glad I did as the place was really busy when we arrived on a Friday evening. I loved the quirky décor with vintage signs decorating the walls. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on the steep stairs down to the toilets. I can imagine these being a little tricky after a few drinks! The menu made it perfectly clear what kind of place it was:image1

There was an excellent list of gin cocktails but we both opted for a blind tasting which was £26 each and included four different gins for us to try. My attention has been very much on Scottish gins recently so this was a great way to sample some new gins without being biased towards the homeland! The waitress brought over the gins along with Fevertree tonic and a selection of garnishes. She suggested tasting the gin neat, before adding some tonic and tasting again and then choosing a garnish.



I absolutely loved tasting the four gins with no preconceptions and choosing which accompaniments I thought went best. The garnishes included orange, lime, raspberry and thyme. Mr GvF and I had some great discussion about the gins and ended up going for totally different garnishes. They great thing is, there’s no right or wrong answers; you choose what you think goes well together.

As they change the gins on the blind tasting menu regularly, I can reveal the ones I tried without ruining the surprise for you!

Brokers – a 40% English gin

Chilgrove – a 44% English gin

Berkeley Square – a 40% English gin

Da Mhile – a 42% Welsh gin

Each gin was very different and it was difficult to choose a favourite; I would have been happy to drink any of these again. However, I think the Da Mhile just edged it for me. It has notes of pepper and I opted to garnish it with thyme which I think was a great combination. I’ve since read up on it and discovered that it is one of very few organic gins produced in the UK and is very reasonably priced at £30 for a 70cl bottle.

The London Gin Club is a must visit attraction for gin lovers and makes a great date night. I’m looking forward to visiting again the next time I’m in the capital. Cheers!

image7 (2)image6


  1. So glad you liked our gin! Sounds like you tried our botanical gin which is a bit floral. We also make a salty, peppery seaweed gin that you might like.

    • Lynsey Lennon

      June 8, 2015 at 12:42 pm

      It was fab, Cecelia! Oh I must add the seaweed version to my list of ‘Must Try Soon’

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